We went to a wedding for a dear friend’s son a few weeks ago, and today I turned the wedding inviation into an ornament for the bridal couple for their Christmas tree.  This is my first blog post — while the ornament was easy to do and turned out well, (CRAP ALERT!) the photography for this post was neither easy nor well-done.  Please excuse the quailty of the photos as we begin to learn the tricks of the blogging trade!

You will need:
-1 invitation
-1 glass or plastic ornament
-pen, stick, or dowel
I first began with the invitation and a paper cutter.  I cut the invitation into narrow strips of varied width.

I made sure the bride’s and groom’s name were not cut in two.

One strip at a time, I rolled the invitation piece around a pen (a stick or dowel would work) to make a coil.

Remove the top from the glass ornament and drop each coiled strip into it.  The strips will uncoil slightly.

When all the coiled strips have been inserted into the ornament, put the top back on.  Decorate it with ribbon and a hook.  Before I actually gift this, I’ll probably either change the ribbon to Christmas colors or to the colors from the wedding.  Then it will be ready for December!

Merry Christmas, Ronnie and Danielle!

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