These skewers are easy to make and help you set a lovely table for a special event.  In the picture at the bottom of this post, I’ve threaded one blackberry and one cube of gruyere cheese onto each skewer.  Yum, yum!  A beautiful green apple holds the skewers.

You start with turkey lacers — those pins you use to close up a turkey with stuffing inside.  You can find prettier ones than what I used, but these are cheap and worked well.81PlhluO1FL__SX425_

You’ll also need assorted beads and some Super Glue.  Make sure you pick the kind of glue that dries transparent.


Once your materials are gathered, you simply thread beads onto each skewer in any design you wish.  Put a small dot of Super Glue at the end of each thread of beads and allow to dry.

VOILA, you’re finished and ready to impress your dinner guests!



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