Before trick-or-treating began, I made a spooky meal for my ten-year-old grandson.  (Thanks, Pinterest!)  Though he was much afraid when I told him we were having vampire vomit, he loved every bite and every minute of the meal.

VAMPIRE VOMIT AND BOYS’ SCABS (guacamole and blue corn chips)


MUMMIES AND DRACULA’S FINGERS (Pillsbury crescent rolls and hot dogs for the mummies and carved, boiled hot dogs for the fingers)


The hot dogs were served with OGRE’S BLOOD (ketchup), OGRE’S GUTS (mustard), and OGRE’S BOOGERS (hot dog relish).

EYEBALLS (Babybell cheese, sliced ripe olives, and painted-on gel food coloring)


PEACH-A-BOO (peach cup and Sharpie)

Jack-o-LanternPUMPKIN POOP (cheese balls)


WITCHES HATS (chocolate-filled Oreos, Hershey’s kiss, and orange icing)

Witches hat

WITCH’S POTION (kid-friendly) and HALLOWEENIE-TINIS (adult-friendly) (The kids’ version was Orange Crush and Sprite; the adult’s had added cherry vodka)


Not a bad way to spend October 31!


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