Doesn’t it look tasty?  Don’t eat it, though; it’s for the bath.  Several weeks ago, I gave a bridal shower for a dear friend’s daughter.  My friend Shanne brought a bouquet of roses in memory of her mother — the roses came from a bush of her mom’s, and Shanne wanted her mom to have a presence at Callia’s shower.  I saved the petals off the roses and threw the rest away.  My hostess gift from Shanne and Callia had a big bunch of dried lavender instead of a bow.  I saved it, too, with a plan to make a sugar scrub.


The ingredients were simple:  baby oil, jar, and flower petals.  My petals were dry, but fresh ones would do.  Use any flower with a good scent.  You don’t want the stems, so separate the petals.  You’ll also need a food processor.


It’s easy — just dump all the ingredients into the food processor.  For each two cups of scrub you want to make, use three cups sugar and 1/2 cup baby oil.  I added a single drop of red food coloring to the mix to ensure that my scrub came out pink, but I’d be careful.  CRAP ALERT:  You certainly don’t want your recipient’s skin to be dyed when they use the scrub!


Once you’ve got all your goop in the food processor, just give it all a good spin.  The sugar from the bottom of the food processor didn’t get to the exact consistency as the sugar at the top, so after using the food processor, I dumped it all in a bowl and gave it a toss with a spoon.


You can see that the consistency is fluffy.  If you’d like yours to be a little oilier, just add more baby oil to the food processor.  The scrub is a lovely pink and smells like a lavender field.  (Not that I’ve ever smelled a lavender field, but I can imagine!)  I hope Shanne and Callia like it!

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