I don’t know about you, but when I first started Pinterest, I made my board categories very broad.  For example, I had a “Yummies” board where I pinned all the food I was interested in — main dishes, drinks, side dishes, appetizers, desserts, and food gift ideas.  At first, the board was manageable, but as my board grew in its contents, it became much more difficult to utilize the pins within the category.  My “Holidays” board was the same way — too full to use effectively.  I had a little bit of time on my hands, so I decided to reorganize those two board in particular.

First, I created several new boards.  For my “Holidays” category, I added the boards Fall, Winter, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Summer.  For my “Food” category, I added the boards Sweet Treats and Drinks.  I also added the boards Pinned It and Made It (for craft pins that I’ve already completed) and Pinned It and Ate It (for food and drink I’ve made).

I then went to my Holidays board.  For each pin, I hovered over it until I saw the Edit button (a pencil icon).  I clicked on the pencil and got an Edit Pin option.  On the Board tab, I scrolled down until I got the Board title I wanted.  For example, I moved a Reindeer Noses pin from Holidays to the new Christmas board; I moved a Great Gifts to Make pin to my new Pinned It and Made It board.  When I completed moving all the pins from my Holidays board, I had moved every item out, so I was able to delete the entire board.

My Yummies category was slightly different.  I first went through the board and moved all desserts to the new Sweet Treats board, all drinks to the new Drinks Board, and anything I’d already made to the Pinned It and Ate It board.   I was able to move a few items to other boards — for example, I moved the Eggnog Pound Cake pin to my new Christmas board and the Pilgrim Hat Cookies to the Fall board.  When I was finished moving the pins I wanted to change to another board, all that was left in the Yummies board was savory items.  So instead of moving ALL the item out of the Yummies board, I simply changes the name of the existing board to Savory Goodies.

This took me about two hours to do over the course of a couple days, but it was well worth the effort.  My Pinterest boards are now much better categorized and more manageable.  It much easier to find a Fourth of July pin in my Summer board, for example, than it is to find in my entire old Holiday board.  So make Pinterest work for you with better and smaller categories.  You’ll be glad you did!

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