This “JOY” sign was SO easy to make, and it will look great by my side door once I get a few more decorations in place.  The process was a breeze and the materials were cheap.  I bought white J and Y letters and a half-priced wreath for the O.  My son Robert found a scrap piece of siding — about 1 foot by 4 feet — at a building site.  I painted it a light shade of green, using house paint I had on hand.


Easy peasy.  Then I used washi tape to wrap around the “J” to make it candy-cane-striped.


I then painted the J and Y with ModPodge for Exteriors to help protect them from the weather. I nailed the wreath O in place and attached the J and Y with wood glue.  Over and done in no time!  Here’s the completed vignette.


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