Yep, you read it right — a necklace made from Cheetos.  Cheetos packaging, that is.  My best friend and I have a Cheetos tradition.  Whenever we travel together, we pack Cheetos and red licorice.  I don’t know how it started, but we can’t travel without either. 

Last year, I made her a Christmas ornament from a cleaned Cheetos bag following this tutorial:


This year, I decided to try my hand at jewelry making.  My intent was to make earrings, but (CRAP ALERT), things didn’t turn out quite as I’d hoped.  I won’t reiterate the ‘how to’ I followed, but the foil lining in the chip bags shrink when you bake them.


After eating and enjoying the Cheetos, I washed the bags and allowed them to dry.  I needed two shrunk bags for the earrings, but I baked three to be on the safe side.  Unfortunately, only one turned out well, but it ended up too big.  Thus, the necklace idea was born.  I glued a bale (already in my craft supplies) to the back of the bag, put in on a necklace, and voila, instant jewelry!  Will she wear it?  Probably not.  But she’s got a one-of-a-kind show piece!


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