A week ago or so, several friends got together to craft.  Each of us brought something to teach the others.  Shonnee was showing us a cute card holder made with burlap, ribbon, and clothespins.  I was inspired to turn this idea into an Advent calendar.


I first hot-glued the red polka-dot ribbon onto a piece of wider green burlap.  I glued a bow and jingle bells at the top, and then used star-shaped cut-outs to write the numbers 1-25.  I glued these cut-outs onto clothespins, and then I embellished some of the pins.


CRAP ALERT:  Though I thought I had the clothespins aligned just right so the odd numbers were on one side of the banner and the even numbers on the other side, I somehow got them all mixed up toward the bottom.


Now each day until Christmas, either my granddaughter or I remove a number.  At least those mixed-up numbers are removed early!

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