I’m finally back to blogging after a couple week layoff due to the serious malady of too-lazy-to-write.  I guess the holidays got the best of me.  I’ve now got a project that I’m excited about, though it may get the best of me too!  My son and daughter-in-law are building a new house, and I’ve offered to do a surprise design of their mudroom.  I had grand ideas until I saw the space — it’s a closet about five feet by three feet.  Scaling back on my visions of grandeur, I plan to put some cubed storage with a small bench (see pic below), lots of hooks for coats, and a rug for my grandkids’ little feet.  I’m also doing some crafting to decorate the space — a lot of white with pops of black and green.  Over the next week of so, I’ll post some of my crapsmanship.


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