To decorate my son and daughter-in-law’s mudroom (aka coat closet), I decided to decorate a wine bottle to serve as a vase.  I planned to use some scrap burlap pieces I had, but my first order of business was to remove the label from the wine bottle.  Not as easy as it sounds!I first soaked the bottle in hot, hot water.  This was as far as I got:


Scraping did little good.  After an online search for label-removing ideas, I made a paste of baking soda and vinegar to apply to the label.


That removal method was ineffective as well.  I finally wet a rag with ammonia, laid the rag over the label, and stuck the whole thing in my garage so my family wouldn’t die from the fumes.  After letting this soak overnight, the label needed only some minor scraping (I used a credit card) to remove all the gunk.  Now I was ready for my burlap.  I simply wrapped the bottle in several kinds of burlap ribbon, hot glued the back, and then put a big blob of hot glue on the flower and stuck it to the front of the bottle.  Cheap and easy, and no one but you and me will know the crapsmanship involved in getting the damn label off the bottle!


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