To use a pop of lime green with the wine bottle vase I made, I bought some cheap yarn at Michaels.  (You can’t beat $2/skein!)  I followed the tutorial to make pom poms that I found on this site:

http://dillpickledesign.blogspot.com/2011/02/pom-pom-flower-tutorial.htmlI found that the key to success was in the trimming.  It reminded me of the time in eighth grade when I cut my bangs on my own.  I got one side crooked, so I needed to take a little off the other side; then that side was uneven, so I took some more off the first side.  By the time I got finished, my bangs were 1/2-inch long and stuck straight up.  I needed a disguise to show my face back at school!  For the pom poms, I just kept trimming until they were somewhat round.

I used some twigs from my garden and hot glued the pom poms to the sticks.  While I still have some trimming to do, I think the bouquet turned out cute.

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