I know you could argue that it’s impossible to tell what I’m showing in this picture.  I promise to post a better photo once I get the shelves installed.  I’m planning to put two small white shelves in the mudroom I’m decorating for my son and daughter-in-law.  I wanted to dress them up a little, plus I needed to introduce a little black element into the design.  Washi tape to the rescue!I lined an edge of each shelf with some black washi tape.  Though you can’t tell from the picture, the tape has a little white design embedded in it.  I wrapped the ends of the tape onto the back of the shelves.  The ends keep popping off, so I’ll use a little Mod Podge to seal them.  I’ll only seal the back, so if my kids don’t like the washi tape design, they can peel it off with no problem.

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