This snowflake-embellished “R” hangs from my side door each winter.  I bought the wooden letter and white snowflakes at Michael’s and used the following tutorial to do the blue and white chevron pattern: 

The taping off went easily, but the cutting was a little challenging.  CRAP ALERT:  Because some paint got under the tape, my lines of demarcation between the colors were not perfect.  I solved this by using a Sharpie to add black line between the colors.  A blue and green combination has always been one of my favorite color pairings!


After hot gluing the snowflakes to the letter, I mixed fine silver glitter into a blob of ModPodge.  I painted the ModPodge all over the letter and the snowflakes for a little glimmer.

To finish, I strung a blue ribbon through the R, tied a pretty bow, and hung it on my door.  Piece of cake!

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