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I’ve really been intrigued by all the hand-lettering projects I’ve seen on Pinterest.  I created a Pinterest board for my collection of ideas, and I decided to do my first project on gift tags for Dan the Man’s Valentine’s gifts.  Each tag corresponds with items that I wrapped up in a cute basket. 

Here’s what I gave him

Starbursts — My heart bursts with love.

Almond Joy — It’s a joy to be your wife.

Gum — I’m stuck on you.

Pen — You’re the WRITE guy for me!

Reese’s Pieces — I love you to pieces.

Goldfish — You’re the only fish in the sea for me.

Squeezable applesauce — You’re my main squeeze.

Hot Tamales — You’re hot!

Thought I’m a long way from being an expert hand-letterer, this was a fun way to practice!

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