Hand-made Pillows



This is a pretty pillow, if I do say so myself!  As I’ve mentioned before, my son and daughter-in-law are building a house.  Yes, it’s taken a long time.  Yes, we’re frustrated because the contractor has been dragging his feet.  Yes, I’m no longer excited about the mudroom surprise design I’m creating for R and A.  But one thing I’m proud of is the two pillows I’ve sewn for the sit-and-put-on-your-shoes bench.  No crapsmanship here!You may remember that I’m using a black, white, and lime green color scheme.  I found some pretty green and white flowered fabric at Hancock’s.  I also bought two elongated pillow forms.  Since I don’t have a sewing machine (I’m a really crappy seamstress and can’t justify the cost), I hand-sewed the pillow covers.  They were cute as they were, but I thought they needed an adornment that would tie in the color of the tan bench seat cushion.  This cushion came with the bench, and I don’t have the talent or inclination to recover it.  Thus, I was stuck with the tan color, even though it didn’t exactly fit my color scheme.


I soon realized, however, that I did have a little tan color within my design — it was in the burlap I’d used on several craft projects for the mudroom.  Remember the vase and pom poms I made?

IMG_1768  IMG_1755

So I took some of that burlap and layered several other ribbons on top, with a burlap flower in the center.  I wrapped the ribbon around the center of the pillow and used a kilt pin to secure it.

 IMG_1870   IMG_1871

Other than the hand sewing, this was a really easy project, and I love the final product!  Now if only the house gets finished and I can install it all …..

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