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Monogram Wreath



Several weeks ago, I blogged about the monogram I was making for my son and daughter-in-law’s new house.  (  Now I’ll share the crapsmanship that ensued as I attempted to put the wreath together. Read the rest of this entry


Praline Cookies



Praline — that’s prah-leen, y’all, not pray-leen.  Pralines are a delicious Louisiana treat, and these cookies with their amazing praline topping are an homage to New Orleans. The original recipe is from my friend Bernie, but I’ve made a few changes and suggestions as I’ve played with the directions.  I must warn you — you’ve got to love sweets to enjoy these cookies! Read the rest of this entry



This craft is compliments of my sister Laurie, who specialized in all things miniature.  The mini-cloche would be perfect to display a small item or to present a miniature dessert to a guest.  And the bonus is that the project is cheap, at least once you’ve bought the Dremel rotary tool to cut the glass.  Laurie got her Dremel at Harbor Freight for $10. Read the rest of this entry

Mango Mimosa Punch



As one of the hostesses at a bridal shower (congratulations, Kelsey and Nate!), I volunteered to do the spiked punch.  I wanted something without too much of an alcohol kick, and the challenge was to make a punch with one of the wedding colors — either navy or coral.  Since the cupcakes were going to have coral-colored icing, I decided to search for a blue cocktail.  A pitcher of tropical punch vodka and blue curacao later, I decided it was too boozy for my taste, and would knock some of the old ladies attending right on the floor.  I decided next to experiment with some revisions to a punch I make often for showers.  Usually I do equal parts champagne or prosecco, Sprite Zero, and cranberry juice. (I don’t really measure; you can’t go wrong!)  This time, I substituted V-8 Splash Mango Peach juice for the cranberry.  To get the color a little more on the coral side rather than orange, I added a splash of grenadine. Read the rest of this entry

Can You Stand One More Monogram?



I’m making a housewarming present for Robert and Amanda, and I thought a wreath would be perfect.  Amanda likes monograms, LSU, and fleur-de-lis, so my plan is to incorporate all three.  First, the monogram.  I bought an over-sized R and painted it — front and back — with yellow craft paint.  It needed a couple coats.


I’ll let you know when I get the wreath finished.  I’m sure Robert and Amanda will love it!

I wanted purple and gold stripes (Rah, rah, LSU!), so I covered the sections that I wanted to remain yellow with blue painters tape.  I used a small piece of painters tape to act as a spacer so all my rows would be evenly spaced.


I didn’t have purple craft paint, so I mixed some red and blue.  No point in a drive to the craft store for one little thing, right?  I then painted the purple over the open yellow spots, remembering to paint the sides too.  When the paint dried, I gave it all a second coat.  After than had dried, I used a black Sharpie pen to mark each spot where the yellow met the purple paint.  This hid several spots where they paint had bled slightly under the painters tape.

Now the fun begins!  This is my favorite decorative painting trick ever — so easy and so cute when finished.  Usingsmall daps of yellow, lavender, and white paint, I dipped a toothpick in a color and dabbed it onto the monogram.  The picture below shows the design I used up close and personal.