This craft is compliments of my sister Laurie, who specialized in all things miniature.  The mini-cloche would be perfect to display a small item or to present a miniature dessert to a guest.  And the bonus is that the project is cheap, at least once you’ve bought the Dremel rotary tool to cut the glass.  Laurie got her Dremel at Harbor Freight for $10.

You’ll need a wine glass and candle holder (both purchased at the dollar store), a small wooden disk, some craft paint, E6000 glue, and a Dremel rotary tool. Use the Dremel to cut off the stem of the wine glass.  Laurie didn’t want to take the time to smooth out the cut, so she glued some glass crystals over the cut edge.  Paint the wood disk in a color of your choice, and once dry, glue it to the candle holder.  Turn the wine glass upside down onto the top of the base, and voila!

Thanks, Laurie, for the good idea!

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