Easy Wine Charms



I have a wonderful group of friends from high school — we call ourselves the HaHa’s because we laugh together all the time.  We’re now of the age where we are hosting baby and bridal showers for our children.  At our last shower at Jackie’s, guests were constantly putting down their drinks and then forgetting where they were.  I decided to solve this problem by making a set of wine charms that we can use a future showers.  They couldn’t have been easier.IMG_2123My materials included earring loops, silver beads, and letter charms.  Since I had one letter each for A-Z, I knew that 26 wine charms would likely be sufficient for future showers.


To make the assembly easy, I sorted stacks onto a cookie sheet I could hold on my lap as I sat on the couch and watched TV.  Letters in one pile, earring loops, beads, and finished charms in other piles.


For each charm, I threaded a bead, a letter, and then another bead onto the earring loop.


Once all 26 were completed, I placed them all on a binder ring and added a cute label.  Nothing to it!

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