Easy-to-do, Cheap-to-make, Pain-to-maintain, Pretty-to-wear Scarf



On a recent trip to Santa Fe, I saw some beautiful yarn scarves.  Unfortunately, they cost $40 each, but they got my creative juices flowing.  Well, maybe not flowing, but trickling — they looked SO easy to make!  

Browsing through the Hobby Lobby yarn aisle, I had three criteria for yarn selection:

1.  In the same color family.

2.  A little funky, not just regular yarn.

3.  Cheap — I didn’t want to spend a lot in an experiment that might be a failure.


I found two interesting red yarns on clearance, and I happened to have at home another ball of red yarn that I’d purchased on sale at Tuesday Morning.  One yarn was called Riot Eyelash, and it was ‘hairy.’  Another, called Chrysalis, was about a half-inch flat ribbon, but it stretched out width-wise as netting.  The third was woven into thick and thin spots, with some black yarn threaded through.

I sat on the floor and stretched out sections of each yarn, cutting them into pieces about six feet long.  I didn’t measure; I simply pulled the yarn from outstretched arm to opposite shoulder (about three feet) twice.  I didn’t count the pieces I made, but I probably did about a dozen of each kind.


The challenging part was to straighten out all the yarn pieces, which I did by hanging them over the back of a living room chair.  I decided I needed a few more pieces, so I cut about another half dozen strips of the hairy yarn.  I then brought the pile to the kitchen to hang off the back of a barstool.  I needed to play with the hang of the yarn to ensure that I selected the center of the soon-to-be scarf.

I cut a short piece of one of the yarns (about twelve inches), tied it around the center, wrapped the yarn around the knot a few times, then tied it again, and then trimmed the ends. That’s it.  All done.

I spent less than $15 total on my clearance yarns, and I probably have enough yarn left over to make two more scarves. That’d make each scarf cost a whopping $5.00 — quite a savings from the $40 original!

I do foresee a problem, though.  Tangles.  With the flowing pieces of yarn, I’m not sure yet how easy it will be to keep knots out of the scarf.  I finger-combed the strands before I put the scarf on and before I hung it in my closet.  Hopefully, that will be all the maintanence it needs!

IMG_0249 IMG_0247

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