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Martha’s Famous Pancake Mix



My mom died last Wednesday.  She suffered from dementia for years, so my family has done its grieving along the way.  We’re glad the daily indignities of dementia are behind her, but there’s something unsettling about losing a mother — a feeling of being unmoored — not quite alone but certainly lonesome for her.  Read the rest of this entry

Our Favorite Beef Tips



Dan the Man loves beef tips, and he always orders them when we dine at Texas Road House.  For 27 of the 28 years of our marriage, I never tried to cook them.  Then Pinterest saved the day!  I found this easy recipe and thought I’d give it a try (  It’s not cheap (it calls for sirloin steak, after all) or quick (it requires lots of chopping and sautéing, and it cooks for an hour), but it’s delish.  I’ve made a few tweaks to the original recipe, as described below. Read the rest of this entry

Pot Necklace



Besides enjoying a bunch of blossoms in my backyard garden, I like to have some ornamentation.  No grinning troll or pink flamingo for me, though.  I prefer subtle touches, like this pot necklace.  All I had to do was take a l-o-n-g piece of wire, string on some pretty beads, and wrap it around the pot.  If you’d like to try this yourself, make sure you have a pot with a “neck” so the beads won’t slide down.  You’ll like it as much as I do!