Bunny Scarf



Isn’t this just the cutest?  I knitted this scarf for Princess M for her sixth birthday in September.  I’ll get the accompanying ear muff completed by then, I promise!

The scarf was quick and simple to make — just the garter stitch throughout.  The trick to the cuteness overload comes from the yarn.  It’s Universal ‘Bunny’ yarn, which is a chenille material with little tufts already attached.

I cast on six stitches with size 15 circular needles, and used the knit stitch until the scarf was 28 inches long.  After binding off, I sewed the tail on each end into the edge and gathered it slightly. I needed several attempts to make the pompoms, which when completed, were sewn on with scrap yarn.

I have no doubt that this scarf will be one of Princess M’s birthday favorites!

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