Mid-Century Modern Art DIY



My sister Robin just built the cutest 800 square-foot house you’ve ever seen!  With one bedroom, a living room, bathroom, kitchen, and lots of storage, the house is perfect for Robin and her husband Roger.  They’ve decorated it with white walls and pops of bright colors in a mid-century modern theme.  She has one blank wall to the left of her couch, and I offered to make some art for that spot.  Robin (wisely–she knows my penchant for crapsmanship) said I was welcome to make something, but she couldn’t guarantee that she would hang it.

Nonetheless, I persevered onward.  A friend and I previously created a piece with wine glasses cut out of tissue paper and glued to a canvas.  This was my inspiration for the two pieces above.  I painted two canvases a vivid green to complement some of the accessories on Robin’s living room.  I then cut out vases and used ModPodge to glue them to each canvas.  So far, so good.

Next, I cut random shapes of tissue paper and glued them onto the vases.  The shapes became semi-transparent, but they didn’t yet look too bad.


CRAP ALERT:  To embellish one vase, I first used oil pastel crayons to add some mid-century modern graphics.  It looked crappy, so I tried to rub one design off the campus.  Even crappier!

Since the lines of the oil pastels were too wide, I tried some more designs with a Sharpie.  Not any better.

I still have one vase un-embellished (aka un-crapped-up), but I’m not sure this one is wall-worthy.

So, Robin, you have a decision to make.

A.  Take both.

B.  Take neither.

C.  Take only the un-embellished one.

D.  Tell me to stop trying to be an artist.

E.  Both B and D.

What’ll it be?



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