Side Door Monogram


I like to keep some sort of seasonal decoration on my side door.  It’s the door the family uses and the one I see most often.  From Memorial Day until Independence Day, I usually leave a patriotic-themed hanging and then change things out in early July  This year, I was unmotivated (as in lazy) and didn’t take my red, white, and blue decor down until mid-August.  It’s too damn hot, though, to think about fall decor (it’s been in the triple digits this month!), so I did this quick and easy momogram.  You know my obsession with monograms, right?

Since I had a bunch of lime green craft paint, that shade became my background color.  After three fast coats on the back and front, I used a two-inch sponge stencil pouncer to put white circles randomly on the momogram.  Once dry, I used a black Sharpie to make dotted lines around each circle.


After attaching a burlap loop to the top, this polka-dotted letter will hang proudly on my door until the weather finally feels like fall.


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