Crapsmanship Rule #1



I’m getting better (finally!) at knitting and have recently finished up this purple scarf.  I got the pattern from All Free Knitting at  My knitting of the scarf is a perfect example of the first rule of crapsmanship:  MAKE YOUR ERRORS BECOME A DESIGN DETAIL.

To construct the scarf as the pattern calls for, I was supposed to knit 4 garter-stitched rows at a time before I knitted the dropped stitch design.  Well, patterns are just a suggestion, right?  About a quarter of the way into the design, I realized I had knitted a spot where I had 5 rows of garter stitch instead of 4.  So I modified the design in the best crapsmanship fashion — I occasionally knitted 3 rows or 5 rows of garter stitches — making my errors look purposeful.  After all, one error is obviously a mistake; more are a design feature!!

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