Monthly Archives: October 2015

Peanut Butter and Cockroach Pie



Ewww!  Dan the Man and I are going to visit our Arkansas grandkids tomorrow, and I just couldn’t resist giving Princess M and Mr. Teen a Halloween gift of this delicious peanut butter pie!  Read the rest of this entry


Cork Ball



You’ve probably seen a million of these cork balls on the Internet — my post will be different from the others only in the lessons I learned along the way.  Saving the corks was the easy part!  I also bought a green Styrofoam ball (probably 6″ in diameter).  I used brown craft paint to cover the Styrofoam.  I only used one coat — it wasn’t a great job — but my intent was to eliminate some of the green from the original ball’s color.  Mission accomplished. Read the rest of this entry

Trio of Pumpkins



When Robert’s and Amanda’s house was in the early days of construction, I snagged three pieces of scrap 2×4’s.  The pieces stair-stepped, with the tallest one about 2-1/2 feet.  I finally got around to fulfilling my plans for them — a trio of pumpkins for their front porch.  The project was super simple. Read the rest of this entry