Trio of Pumpkins



When Robert’s and Amanda’s house was in the early days of construction, I snagged three pieces of scrap 2×4’s.  The pieces stair-stepped, with the tallest one about 2-1/2 feet.  I finally got around to fulfilling my plans for them — a trio of pumpkins for their front porch.  The project was super simple.


I first used chalk paint (source: Michaels, color: cayenne, company: ArtMinds) to paint each scrap piece.  I didn’t have to sand, prime, or topcoat.  One coat of chalk paint did the trick.


When I trimmed my bushes this week, I saved three pieces of wood, which I glued on as the stem.  This was the trickiest part — waiting for the E6000 glue to dry enough that the stem didn’t fall or shift.


I then curled three pieces of bronze wire around a pencil, removed them, and placed one curled wire around each stem.


After adding a cute burlap bow to each stem, I thought I was finished.  But, no, not done!  Even a slight breeze blew at least one of the pieces over.  So I took more wire and wrapped it around all three pumpkins, tying them together.


A longer piece of burlap covered the wire, and a real pumpkin at the foot of the trio completed the look.  Cute!


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