Monthly Archives: November 2015

Bacon and Eggs?!


This is a fun project to do with grandkids — just three ingredients to buy, and it’s a sweet and salty treat. It’s so easy you probably don’t even need directions, but I’ll walk you through it just in case. Read the rest of this entry


Yarn Tree


I had this fun red yarn, but not enough to knit anything with, so I decided to experiment with it for a Christmas tree decoration.  I got a papier-mâché tree form from Hobby Lobby.  (I first picked up a styrofoam form, which would work, but I find it’s harder to glue.).

Using some strong craft glue in a long row down one side of the tree form, I simply wrapped and wrapped and wrapped the yarn, starting at the top.

At the bottom, I wrapped the yarn around the stem and then secured the tail with glue.

Because I hadn’t glued the whole piece, I had some wiggle room with the yarn to adjust it to cover any spots I’d missed.  This was an easy and inexpensive project, and I think I’ll do two more trees with different yarn. Now onward to Hobby Lobby!
 P.S. — I’ll post a beautiful picture of my trees in place once I lug my Christmas decorations down from the attic!