Bacon and Eggs?!


This is a fun project to do with grandkids — just three ingredients to buy, and it’s a sweet and salty treat. It’s so easy you probably don’t even need directions, but I’ll walk you through it just in case.

You’ll shop for pretzel sticks, white melting chocolate, and Reese’s pieces. First, separate the yellow Reese’s Pieces from the brown and orange ones. Eat the brown and orange Pieces while you drink red wine.  (Really — It’s an amazingly good combination!). Then lay out parallel pairs of pretzels (love my alliteration?) on baking sheets as you’re melting the chocolate. (Follow package directions for melting, and do NOT overcook.) Plop a little white chocolate on to each pair of pretzels.  Immediately put a yellow candy into the melted chocolate and press down slightly.  Let cool.  Enjoy.

Bacon and eggs — it’s what’s not for breakfast!

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