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Merry Christmas from Crapsmanship




Aspen Trees Ornament



I made this aspen tree ornament after a summer trip to beautiful Colorado.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of my process, but it wasn’t difficult.  You can use the tutorial that helped me by going to this site:

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Joy Sign


20151208_071109 (5)

I’m apparently not the only crapsman in the family; my sister Laurie Loo made the cute sign above.  Here are her comments:

“I don’t remember if I used hot glue or a regular craft glue. The green and red piece between the J and O is a different decoration than I had originally; the other one came off in storage and I don’t like this one as much.  I had a piece of green velvety like material that I covered the back with and then broke sticks to write the word. “

Hanging Out on the Porch with Mr. and Mrs. Santa


Don’t look too closely to see all the crapsmanship, but I love my new porch decorations.  My friend Cindy and I crapped, I mean crafted, these today and had a blast.  I got the idea from this Kirkland’s ad:

Cute, huh?  I wanted to invite Mrs. Santa to the party, so I bought two 10″ x 6′ boards for each of us from Home Depot and red and white chalk paint from Michaels; I raided my crafting stash for black and green paints, brushes, and a couple pouncing tools.

We started on the Santas since we had the Kirkland’s ad to help us with the design.  We sketched the patterns with pencil directly on the board, painted as carefully as we could, …

and VOILA!


 We laughed because my Santa (on the right) had squat little legs (like my own!), and Cindy’s had a slightly Urkle look. Despite our crapsmanship, er, I mean our charming individuality, we forged on to Mrs. Santa.  She was a little bit trickier because we had to create our own design, but we each gave her a scalloped collar, white apron, and a button-up blouse.   We made some green dots on her collar and apron by using a pencil eraser as a pouncer.

We used a hair dryer to speed the process along.

Here’s Cindy with her North Pole pair. I’m reworking Santa’s feet to make his legs a little more proportional, and we’ll both put a layer of gloss ModPodge over both to give them a shine and some protection.

Mine will adorn my front door for December’s to come (unless some jealous neighbor steals them) and lend a little holiday cheer to Lake Side Drive!