T-Shirt Scarf


It’s been five months since I’ve interacted on the pages of this Crapsmanship blog. My paid writing job has come to an end, and I’m raring to get back to this. I know my six followers will be thrilled to have me part of their weekly dose of Internet nonsense!

T-shirt necklace (2)

I made this t-shirt scarf today. I’m one of the leaders of a state conference in October, and we’re looking for cheap ways to hand-craft some door prizes.  This scarf was simple to do, took only about 20 minutes, and cost $0.00.  All good attributes. I used this easy-to-follow video tutorial from The Thinking Closet:  http://www.thinkingcloset.com/2014/08/12/15-minute-t-shirt-yarn-infinity-scarf-video-tutorial/.

I can’t improve much on the video, so I’m not sharing a how-to here. Little crapsmanship was involved in the scarf’s making, though my cutting was uneven due to my left-handedness-and-I-can’t-cut-worth-a-damn syndrome.  My poor cutting  skills didn’t show because when you stretch the material, it rolls into itself, thus eliminating any obvious sign of cutting crapsmanship.

I’m unhappy with the loops, though; they’ve got too much variance in their lengths. In my next iteration of a t-shirt scarf, I will make sure I stretch the pieces as one (this will make sense when you watch the tutorial) so they will turn out equal length in the end.

But for a cheap and easy project, I guess it will do.  And it feels good to be back in blog-dom!

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