Decoupaged Bracelets



I love, love, love this project! Using plain wooden bracelets, I transformed two into high fashion!


My first project was the green and yellow one. Using an old calendar page with some impressionist art, I cut out small strips of color.


I then painted on gloss ModPodge to the outside of the bracelet, about 1/2″ at a time, and glued down the strips. Messy but easy. I let the strips hang, not yet gluing them to the inside. I gave the outside one good coat of ModPodge to ensure the strips were glued down well.  I went on to another project (pickling cukes from my garden!) as they bracelet dried.


Then I tackled the inner part of the bracelet. I first trimmed the strip ends to make them more uniform. I forgot to take a picture of this step until I worked on the second bracelet.


About an inch at a time, I glued down the ends with ModPodge. I used my fingers to press and rub them until they were well stuck.  I then used two longer and wider strips to glue along the inside, making sure to cover any wood they still showed. I gave it all an additional coat of ModPodge to seal it, and set it aside to dry.


For my second bracelet, I used a map of Louisiana from an old atlas. I made sure I cut some strips so that place names would show. I glued the “Louisiana” label to the inside after following all the procedures described above.


I’d be hard pressed to tell you which one I like the best, but I know I’ll do this project again soon.  Cheap, easy, and attractive?  My kind of project!



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