Sewing, Day 2


Last week, I wrote about the easy-to-do mat I made for my new sewing machine. The day after my success (?) with that project, I tackled a dust cover for my machine. I used an easy tutorial from My Decoupaged Life ( (Are you noticing how often I’m using the word “easy”?  Don’t believe it!)


In the end, it turned out acceptable though homely, and I had a few significant lessons along the way. CRAP ALERT: Avoid these crapsmanship mistakes!

  1. Measure your fabric ahead of time to make sure you have enough.  I had to piece two smaller pieces together.13457557_10209541632248076_483046079_n
  2. Don’t do a beginner’s project using stripes. They’ll never come out straight.13479410_10209541631968069_314194320_n
  3. Make sure you understand the tutorial. I blindly followed (or thought I was following) the instructions for sewing the ties into my seams, but all my seams ended up inside my piece, with only a little tag on the outside.  Duh!  I cut off the small pieces and cursed by stupidity.13479242_10209541632168074_47693931_n
  4. Use crapsmanship as a last resort.  I was unwilling to rip out the seams and re-do the ties.  So I sewed the ribbons on the piece directly, leaving stitches that stick out like a sore thumb. But you really can’t see them much because they’re on the inside of the cover; I hope I’m the only one that notices the crapsmanship.13453770_10209541632528083_380932332_n

Now my sewing machine has a happy-but-not-professionally-or-prettily-made home to keep it free of dust.  Sure beats dusting!

(Hi, Mrs. Andrews!  It was good to see you Sunday.😃)

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