Marbled Mugs


Like some girlfriends I’ve know along the way, the adjectives fast and cheap fit this craft.  Using dollar store white mugs, a dollar store bottle of lavender nail polish, and a bottle of pink polish I found in my bathroom cabinet, I tried to replicate the lovely marbled mugs found on a million Pinterest pages.  The photos on all these pins make the mugs look elegant. The pinners promise easy art.  My kinda craft, right?

Well, it wasn’t quite without crapsmanship, of course.  First, the lavender polish was really pink, so I didn’t have much color contrast.  Second, the old forgotten polish just globbed into the water.  See the balls at the bottom?

Third, I guess because it was so ancient, the old polish created long pieces of snot-like strings. Ick!

Last and certainly as crappy as the other issues, I dipped the first mug rather willy-nilly into the floating polish and got the marbled effect smeared into the inner part of the mug.  Definitely not the elegant look I was hoping for, and probably not safe for coffee.

Not willing to give up on my $3 investment, I used nail polish remover to clean up the first mug I created.  After dipping both mugs into the nail polish soup, I set them aside to dry. They’re not without flaws, and I’m not sure that I’ll ever use them for drinking, but maybe they’ll make some good pots for flowers!

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