Washer Necklaces


14138327_10210145393501730_570067790_nI’ve been spending hours and hours lately in the hospital with a sick friend, so my cooking and crafting time has been limited.  But about a month ago, a few girlfriends and I had two crafting days to make some door prizes for an upcoming conference.  We were looking for inexpensive ideas that our conference participants (mostly women) would like.  Necklaces made from washers seemed just the ticket. At our first meeting, we used two techniques to color the washers.  We colored them with Sharpies and dripped rubbing alcohol on them, and we dabbed and dripped alcohol inks. (You can easily find both techniques on Pinterest.). After allowing the inks to dry, we coated each washer with a glaze — Diamond Glaze or Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.  We set them aside to dry and cure.14101850_10210125200596920_1415136670_nThe goal of our next meeting was to put cords on each washer, stack them, and/or add embellishments.  We just used wire and beads from our stashes, so it didn’t cost us much.  You can see from the pictures how pretty they turned out!14112042_10210125195556794_1558186796_n


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