Tassel Earrings


Tassel 6

I made the cutest earrings with some extra yarn I had after knitting a scarf.  Makes me wish I had pierced ears!  They were easy to make, though the construction was rather convoluted.  I first had to find an object that was the right size to wrap the yarn around.  I settled on Dan the Man’s new battery charger.  The charger is snuggled under the mess below.Tassel 1

I knew I shouldn’t dare scratch up the new charger when I cut the yarn, so I first used some cardstock and painter’s tape to build a little cushion on top of the charger.  It looks a mess, but it was effective!Tassel 2

I then used the painter’s tape to adhere one end of the yarn to the cardstock.  I wrapped the yarn around the charger twenty times (an arbitrary amount!), cut off the yarn, cut another small string of yarn (about 6″), and inserted the string under the whole mess and tied it tightly. Tassel 3

I could have used scissors, but since I have a new rotary cutter, I just zipped across one side of the yarn to cut it all apart.  Since I’d very wisely used the cardstock cushion, no battery charger was harmed during the making of the tassel!Tassel 4

Once the tassel was all dangly, I globbed a bunch of glue into the earring cap, used a toothpick to jam the tied end of the tassel into the cap, and then waited for it to dry.  After it dried, I used a jump ring to attach the tassel to an earring hook.  I ended this whole process by trimming the ends to even both earrings out.Tassel 5

Since this is a gift, I used washi tape to stick the earrings to a gift card.  Someone’s gonna love to receive these!

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