Secret-Ingredient Soup


soup-4When the weather teases us Louisiana folks with a hint of cool weather, I break out the big pot and get started on making soup.  One of my favorites is Beef and Barley soup, made with lots of veggies and a secret ingredient that makes it yummy.

soup-1There’s no one right way to make this soup, and I vary it based upon what’s in my pantry. But I always start by browning some stew meat.  Once that’s done, I add beef broth or water, dried barley, a variety of vegetables (fresh, canned, and/or frozen), salt and pepper, and my secret ingredient.


So no recipe, just lots of good goodness in the pot.  I stir it all together, add the secret ingredient, taste until satisfied, and then let it all simmer together.  Drum roll, please.  The secret ingredient is plain old V-8 juice.  It’s an easy way to add lots of flavor.  Give it a try.  I think you’ll like it!


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