Cleaning Hack: Silk Flowers


Dan the Man and I have been in the midst of having our leaky master bathroom shower replaced.  If we ever survive all the construction dust, I know we’ll enjoy the new spot.  The end is in sight, so I’m beginning to work on the layers of brown gunk over every surface.  First stop, silk plants.  Today I used a cleaning hack I learned from an interior designer — Lysol disinfecting spray.

I first sprayed each leaf until it was completely wet, let it sit for a minute or two, and then rinsed each plant off. Small plants work well in the sink, but I used the garden hose to rinse off two larger plants.  The patio table served as the drying spot.

If you give this a try, make sure you rinse thoroughly.  If you don’t, the leaves look cleaner until they dry with little speckles of dried dust throughout.  An easy hack for a dusty job!

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