DIY Infinity Scarves


I got out my sewing machine today to work on a Christmas gift for my oldest granddaughter Kaye.  I’m most definitely a sewing novice, despite my mom’s and my high school home ec teacher’s efforts.  I have limited tolerance for the precision of sewing, but I figured I could handle the two or three straight seams this project required.  Even going to buy fabric gave me some feelings of ineptness ( ineptitude?), but I powered through the nervousness and bought two yards of pretty paisley fabric with shades of brown and blue on a field of white.

I won’t use this blog to give a tutorial — I followed this blog post to the letter:  Even for me, this was an easy project.  For a Christmas gift, I’m pairing Kaye’s new scarf with a white t-shirt, jeans jacket, and a cute little fabric pin.  I hope she likes it!


Because I had some fabric left over, plus I’d bought some contrasting fabric (for $3 from Wal-Mart!), I decided to do another scarf with a different twist, literally. This photo tutorial rotates the workings to add interest and to make the contrast more evident:


Do you like how I covered my face with my phone?!  For less than as $13 investment, I’ve got two pretty scarves (one for Kaye and one for me!), and I think I have enough fabric left over to make  small scarves for my two younger granddaughters.  This project was so cheap and so easy, it makes me wonder why I spend so much time, energy, and expense on knitted scarves!!!

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