Sharpie Shoes


Last week, I wrote about the infinity scarf I sewed for an ensemble for my granddaughter for Christmas.  Jeans jacket, white t-shirt, and cute fabric pin completed the look.  At least I thought it was complete until I decided to crap up some coordinating shoes.

I bought some cheap canvas slip-ons in Granddaughter Kaye’s size (I hope!).  Using blue and brown Sharpies to make random designs…

…I next painted rubbing alcohol (literally using a paint brush, though a Q-Tip or a finger would work), rubbing all over my design.  The colors ran and ran, muddling (intentionally) the original design.  CRAP ALERT: In addition to the brown and the two shades of blue Sharpies I used, I also used a metallic bronze.  I regretted that decision because it didn’t run at all.  That might not be a problem for you, but I was counting on the muddling to soften my design.

After some additional drawing, alcohol painting, and more drawing, I finally cried uncle.  I’m not sure if the shoes are what I had in mind when I started, but I’ll gift it to Kaye and hope that they fit her feet and tickle her fashion tastebud!

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