Decoupaged Napkin Ornament


ornament-8 I made a pretty ornament using a $2.00 paper mache ornament from Hobby Lobby and an inexpensive decorative paper napkin.

I began by cutting the napkin into small, random pieces. I left a few of the flowers un-cut.

Next, I painted a small section of the ornament with ModPodge, laid pieces of napkin on top, and covered the pieces with more ModPodge. I ended by ModPodge-ing the fuller pieces of flowers on top.  I plan to do three more ornaments, all with different ornament shapes and with different napkins. Once dry, they will make attractive, durable, and inexpensive gifts for family and friends.

CRAP ALERT: I only had one instance of crapsmanship, which I will correct for other ornaments I do.  As I glued from one side to the other, my hands became sticky with ModPodge and some of the napkin came off on my fingers. My plan for the next go-around is to do one half of an ornament, let it dry, and then complete the remaining half.

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