Herbed Oyster Crackers



At the request of my sister, I was going through my recipe box looking for cards in my mother’s handwriting. I found this one for Herbed Oyster Crackers and remembered how delicious and easy they were.  Here you go, Laurie!


My adaptations include the following.


2 9-oz. bags of oyster crackers

2/3 cup Orville Redenbacher popcorn oil (no substitutions)

1 small envelope Hidden Valley buttermilk Ranch dressing



In a large bowl, mix the oil and dressing together.  Dump in one whole bag of oyster crackers and about a third of the other.  Stir thoroughly.  Let sit for about two hours, stirring occasionally, to let the herbed oil mixture soak into the crackers.


These are yummy for munching, and I especially like them in tomato soup.


Bon appetit!

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