Princess M, Boot Cuffs, and Ponytail Hat, Oh, My!


Princess M spent several days with Dan the Man and me right before Christmas. She was most interested in my knitting, and of course, wanted me to make something for her.  Since I’ve just mastered joining in the round (taking me from beginning knitting status to advanced beginners, I think!), I offered to make her some boot cuffs.  We trekked to Hobby Lobby, and the princess got to select her own yarn.

I won’t confess how many boot cuffs I attempted before I got two that matched (CRAP ALERT!), and since I had a little extra time to knit as we drove her and her brother back to Arkansas, I decided to attempt a matching ponytail hat for her as a Christmas surprise.  This went off without a hitch, if you don’t count Princess M’s questions about why the boot cuff was so big (she thought).

When she opened her stocking and found the boot cuffs, Princess M was elated.  And when she found the ponytail hat, she was over the moon.  She immediately went to her room, changed into boots and her new accessories, and proceeded to do the Princess Strut!  Doesn’t she look happy?

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