Monthly Archives: January 2017

Li’l Miss’s Reading Nook


While Li’l Miss and her parents were on their way to her 4-year-old birthday party, Dan the  Man and I were back at her house installing this cute reading nook.  I got the inspiration from the tutorial linked at the end of this post, though I did my own measurements and sewing techniques.  All the sewing crapsmanship is hidden behind the books and dowels. Read the rest of this entry

Book Pocket Pillows


My sweet granddaughter, Li’l Miss, is turning four this weekend. We share a love of books of all kinds, and I promised her parents I would make some book-themed decor for her bedroom. Being the girly girl that she is, Li’l Miss has a pink- and purple-themed room. How could I resist this groovy fabric?! Read the rest of this entry

Mom’s Roast Beast



Last spring when Dan and I were in Boston for a conference, we had dinner with a friend who I hadn’t seen in years. She talked about using my mom’s brisket recipe, and my response was “Huh?” I didn’t remember a special recipe, but Dawn was kind enough to send me the original in my mom’s handwriting. Read the rest of this entry

My Best Chicken and Dumplings



I love chicken and dumplings.  I adore it.  I crave it on a cold, wintry day.  I desire it even in the middle of a hot summer.  Chicken and dumplings makes me happy.  So when Dan the Man said that my latest version was the best I had ever made, I knew it was far from the crapsmanship I usually do. Read the rest of this entry