Book Pocket Pillows


My sweet granddaughter, Li’l Miss, is turning four this weekend. We share a love of books of all kinds, and I promised her parents I would make some book-themed decor for her bedroom. Being the girly girl that she is, Li’l Miss has a pink- and purple-themed room. How could I resist this groovy fabric?!

I cut out two same-sized squares, cut another one slightly smaller, and hemmed the small one on one side. I then stacked them with right sides together, sewed four sides, leaving a section for stuffing.  Next, I turned it, stuffed it, and hand sewed the opening. I liked the pillow so much, I made another one!

CRAP ALERT: In the photo above, I had inadvertently laid the small piece of fabric the wrong way, leaving the hemmed selvage showing. By happy coincidence, I like the crapsmanship error.


Aren’t they cute with a book in each pocket?

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