Monthly Archives: February 2017

Best Chicken and Dumplings, With a Little Inspiration from Mom



Several weeks ago, I shared the recipe for the best chicken and dumplings I’ve ever made ( The recipe is definitely a keeper!  But, in a nostalgic mood for my mother’s dumplings, I made a slight revision to the dumplings ingredients.  Mom made her dumplings with a healthy dose of cornmeal.  They were light, delicious, and had an interesting and agreeable texture. So the last time I made dumplings, I substituted cornmeal for part of the flour.  I didn’t quite hit on my mom’s version, but I think this represents a good attempt.  Bon appetit! Read the rest of this entry

Roasted Okra? Yes, Please!



I know the thought of okra causes shivers in the hearts of most northerners. And this southern girl doesn’t generally like the thought of it either!  Slimey, seedy, squishy, slippery. Yuck!  Unless you fry it, and then YUUUUMMMM!  But Dan the Man and I don’t fry anything, so fried okra has never graced our table. That is, until I tried oven-roasting it. The okra has all the crunch of the fried version but none of the grease and calories.  And it’s super simple too. Read the rest of this entry