Mixed Media Bike Pic


Bike 7

My pseudo-nephew Hank turned 30 this month, and I wanted to create a special picture for him, despite my limited talent as an artist.  Hank is a bicyclist, and I thought a bike wheel with 30 spokes should be my inspiration.

Bike 8

I decided to try a bold and crisp graphic design of an orange wheel on a dark blue background.  My crapsmanship led me to a mis-shaped wheel with about as much crispness as a month old head of lettuce.

Bike 9

Since I wasn’t pleased with this iteration, I consulted Hank’s mother, who is a much-more-artsy-than-I friend.  She suggested we “embrace the blur” and add some other elements to turn this into a one-of-a-kind gift.

Bike 3

She painted pipe cleaners and used them to stamp the inside and outside of the tire, and then she added contrasting colors with artist crayons.  Looks better already!

Bike 4

We used an old toy truck to roll “bike tracks” over the canvas.  I also stamped 3 blocks of color and ModPodged cut-outs from a U.S. map of the three cities Hank has lived in.  Bike 6 (2)

I then cut out the words from a magazine and glued them onto a strip of washi tape to create the phrase “Life is a beautiful ride.”  Bike 2

Next, I glue several bars from “Born to Be Wild” to the bottom edge of the canvas.  No one can see this, but I thought Hank would appreciate the sentiment!

Bike 5

Finally, I applied gloss ModPodge to the entire picture to make sure the elements were well-stuck and to give it a uniform sheen.

Bike 1

I gave Hank an easel to accompany the picture, and he now has it displayed in a cabinet at his house.

Bike 10

And that, my friends, is how to turn crapsmanship into gold!



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