DIY Bridal Shower Card and Gift


Card 2

Friends were throwing a surprise bridal shower for Amy, and the hostesses asked for gifts of cash to help Amy and Fiance on their honeymoon. Of course, cash slipped into a commercial card wasn’t good enough for me. Crapsmanship to the rescue!

I used this origami tutorial to fold up a bill into a dress: After several tries and lots of tape on the back, I added a little bridal skirt and waist sash made from two types of ribbon. Now that’s cute!

Card 4 (2)

I then took a blank card and lined up some washi tape to use as my guide lines. In my rudimentary font, I wrote “To the Bride.”

Card 3

After removing the washi tape and adding a swoosh to the R, I used double-sided tape to attach the wedding dress origami to the card.

Card 1

A nice note was added inside the card, and my gift to the bride-to-be was all wrapped up!



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