More Mixed Media Pictures


Several weeks ago, I blogged about a mixed media picture I had made for a 30th birthday celebration ( Subsequently for my girlfriends’ Crafts & Cocktails meeting, we did mixed media art at my house. I gave each lady an 11 x 17 sheet of mixed media paper, and I opened up all my crafts crap for use. We had water colors, acrylics, stamps, washi tape, stencils, scrapbook paper, and more.  

I suggested we go with a “You Are My Sunshine” theme, and my finished product is in the picture above. Here are the other’s creations.











and Karen’s, who is the real artist in the group and followed her own heart:

I love, love, love how they’re all different, despite having a similar theme and the same materials.  We’re meeting again Monday to do more. Can’t wait!


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