Stamp-Making with Wikki-Stix


Stamp 9

Do you know about Wikki-Stix? They are small “sticks” created by coating strings of yarn with food-grade wax. When I was teaching little kids, we used Wikki-Stix all the time to mark spelling patterns, shape letters, and find important information in text. They’re bendable, removable, and reuseable. The perfect trifecta!

I began wondering if Wiki-Stix might be good in my crafting. Coincidentally, I found a flat glass paperweight at an estate sale for $2, and thought I could use it for stamping. Today, I combined the two supplies to see if I could create an interesting stamp design.

I took one Wikki-Stix and made a circle. The waxy surface of the Wikki-Stix easily adhered to my pseudo-stamp block. I cut another Wikki-Stix into two pieces to make an overlapping circle, but I also maintained an even flat surface to stamp with.

Now for the experiment. I saturated the Wikki-Stix design with green ink and stamped it into my art journal. The verdict? It worked great if you’re looking for a pleasing design without crisply-defined lines. And the best part is everything is washable and can be used over and over again. This stamping technique is a keeper!

Wikki-Stix can be found at teacher supply stores and on Amazon:

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