Keeping Track of Knitting


Knit 4

I usually struggle with remembering to count my rows as I knit. I use a counting app (StitchCounter) for most projects, but I’ve got a little trick for projects that have a repeating pattern, like this dishcloth.

Knit 2

The written pattern of Grandma Marian’s dishcloth calls for 8 rows repeated in 6 sets.  On an index card, I identify how many stitches to cast on (40).  On the left side of the card, I write what to do on each of the eight rows (knit the first 6, and for two more rows, knit two and then repeat yarn overs and knitting two together). On the right side, I notate how many sets of the 8 rows I need (six). I end with the finishing directions (end with 6 knit rows and then bind off).

I use two paper clips to slide up and down the card to help me keep track of my work, indicating the row and set I have already finished. In the example below, I show that I have finished knitting the sixth row of the first set of repeats and am ready to begin my yarn-over/knit-two-together sequence. No sets are yet complete. Make sense?

Knit 1

Here’s another example. I have finished the first set of eight rows and am ready to begin the third knitted row in the second set.

Knit 3

I like this routine for two reasons. First, it’s an easy way to keep track of things. I keep the index card with my knitting and don’t have to worry about having a pencil handy to make tally marks or my cell phone nearby to use my app. Second, I can keep this index card forever, using it as a tracking devise each time I want to knit this same pattern. This works well for me; I hope you give it a try!



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